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Dubbo Show (NSW) results 2017

This year Dubbo Show was judged by federal president Graham Jenke.

Billigaboo and Badgally Studs were the big winners on the day with Billigaboo exhibiting the supreme Corriedale for the sixth year in a row as well as champion woolly ram.

Badgally Stud won supreme ewe as well as champion and reserve champion woolly ewes.

Roseville showed the champion shorn ewe and Esbank the champion shorn ram.

Our NSW state dinner was held at the Dubbo Sporties with Graham and Di Jenke, and Alex and Jo Carroll, our special guests. Graham spoke about the forthcoming young ambassador competition at the 2017 Royal Adelaide Show and the 2018 World Corriedale Congress in Bendigo.

There were the other usual speeches and the night was enjoyed by all guests.

The NSW state committee AGM was held on the Sunday with much discussion on promotional topics.

Supreme Corriedale: Billigaboo

Supreme ram: Billigaboo

Champion woolly ram: Billigaboo

Reserve champion woolly ram: Roseville

Champion shorn ram: Esbank

Reserve champion shorn ram: Rose-Lea

Supreme ewe: Badgally

Champion woolly ewe: Badgally

Reserve champion woolly ewe: Badgally

Champion shorn ewe: Roseville

Reserve champion shorn ewe: Badgally

Group 1 ram & 2 ewes: Badgally

Most successful exhibitor: Badgally



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The Corriedale was simultaneously evolved in both Australia and New Zealand about 1874 by selectively breeding from cross bred progeny of pure Merino and Lincoln sheep.

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