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2016 Royal Geelong Show Junior judging results

On Saturday October 15, students assembled for the beginning of the Junior Judging competition. Thank you to Geoff Oliver ‘Englewood Park’ for his sponsorship of this event.

Daniel Mosele and Charlie Clark are to be congratulated for using ‘multi media’ (ipads and wi-fi) for collating scores as the students were judging the sheep. They were successful and the time collating final results was shortened considerably.

The Feature Breed in the Sheep Pavilion at this year’s Royal Geelong Show was the Southdowns and in the senior section the students judged both Corriedales and Southdowns. Thank you to the Dehnerts and the Irelands for the loan of their Southdowns for the judging.  Thank you to our wonderful judges who willingly give up their time and encourage the students from their years of sheep experience. Judges for the seniors were Christina Jardon and Graham Sidey from New Zealand; Heather Stoney and Andrew Wilkins the intermediate section and Bridget Leahy and Helen Raven the junior section.

Thank you to Bron Ellis, Brenda Venters and Andrew Cosby for coordinating and Jim Venters on microphone. Thank you to all teachers who assist with this class.  It was a great morning.


Junior judging winners at the Royal Geelong Show 2016.

Top row from left: Bree Barker (EMC), Ella Watt (Tintern), Olivia Cross (Tintern), Ash Purcell (Moralla), Tess Runting (Moralla) and Maya Watt (Tintern).
Bottom row: Natalie Owen (Tintern), Erin Douglas-O’Loughlin (Moralla) and Audrey Middleton (Tintern).


Results as follows:

Seniors under 25 years:

1st Ash Purcell (Moralla)
2nd Tess Runting (Moralla)
3rd Maya Watt (Tintern)

Intermediate 14 years-15 Years:

1st Bree Barker (Elisabeth Murdoch College)
2nd Ella Watt (Tintern)
3rd Olivia Cross (Tintern)

Junior 13 years and under

1st Natalie Owen (Tintern)
2nd Erin Douglas-O’Loughlin (Moralla)
3rd Audrey Middleton (Tintern)


About the Breed

The Corriedale was simultaneously evolved in both Australia and New Zealand about 1874 by selectively breeding from cross bred progeny of pure Merino and Lincoln sheep.

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