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Royal Geelong Show Junior Judging Results 2015

An early 8.30 am start for both Judges and Competitors to begin the Junior Judging at The Royal Geelong Show Saturday 17th 2015. Students surged from the sheep pens with expectancy and the spectators shared their enthusiasm as they were called to judge the Corriedales and the Corriedales.  Our sincere thanks go to Ian Glimore, Chris Badcock, Andrew Wilkins and Helen Raven for their excellent rapport with the students and their attention to detail while interacting with the students. Thankyou to Jim Venters as Timekeeper and keeping everyone moving to their various tasks. A special thankyou to Charlie Clark who gives tremendous support to this event and does an amazing  job recording on the laptop. We sincerely hope he returns next year to be part of the team at Geelong. Thankyou to Bron Ellis for her thorough preparation in the Sheep Pavilion not only with Junior Judging but her involvement in the sheep pavilion. To the Corrie Breeders for the Corriedales and  Liz and Peter Russell and Basil Jorgensen for loaning their Texels to give the students a greater depth in the handling and judging of sheep. The teachers do a fantastic job ready to assist and encourage students. Thankyou to Geoff Oliver ‘Englewood Park‘ for his sponsorship in this event.


There were two classes this year and the main placings as follows:

Seniors - 14 years and over

1st Maya Watt  Tintern

2nd Louise Lane  Flinder's Christian College

3rd Tegan Ward  Chairo - EMC


Juniors - 13 years and under

1st Freya Dawe  Flinder's Christian College

2nd Charlotte McCarthy  Woodleigh School

3rd Kasey Shields  Flinder's Christian College


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The Corriedale was simultaneously evolved in both Australia and New Zealand about 1874 by selectively breeding from cross bred progeny of pure Merino and Lincoln sheep.

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