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Corriedale Junior Judging Bendigo ASBA Sunday July 19th 2015

The Corriedale junior judging began soon after the Young Ambassador Award presentation to Grace Calder, who will represent the Australian Corriedale Association (ACA) at the forthcoming Christchurch Show, New Zealand, in November this year. Congratulations to Grace.

Jade, representing our sponsor The University of New England (UNE) for the ACA junior judging, welcomed the students as they came to register with Jo Lush, Di Jenke and Charlie Clark ready to record on computers. UNE presented each student with a pen complete with a USB drive concealed on the end. As you can imagine they were a treasured possession!

The ACA would like to thank Jade and the University of New England for their continued interest and support, Bruce Hamblin for his organisational skills prior to judging day, Jim Venters for manning the microphone, the judges Graham Jenke, Bron Ellis and Claire Blackwood, the handling judges Judith Nicolson, Rick Hoolihan and Milton Savage, and Andrew Cosby for collecting papers. A great team of wonderful supporters.

School judging at the 2015 ASBA Show.

The results are as follows:

16 years and over:

1st Emily Attard - Flinders Christian College
2nd Angus Smyth - Yanco Agricultural High School
3rd Bridget Leahy - La Trobe
4th India Dunscombe - Elisabeth Murdoch College
5th Stephanie McDonald - Tintern Schools
6th Shanae Hall - Elisabeth Murdoch College
7th Hannah Dave - Flinders Christian College

Intermediate 14-15 years

1st Zac Liley - Yanco Agricultural High School
Equal 2nd Charles Hogan - Yanco Agricultural High School
Equal 2nd Jock Hogan - Yanco Agricultural High School
4th Amy Frith - Flinders Christian College
Equal 5th Bella Hawkins - Flinders Christian College
Equal 5th Cassie Goding - Flinders Christian College
Equal 5th Amber Bevan - Yanco Agricultural High School

Junior 13 years old and under

1st Olivia Atkins - Tintern Schools
2nd Isaac Lush - Investigator College
3rd Bree Barker - Elisabeth Murdoch College
Equal  4th Georgia Herde - Elisabeth Murdoch College
Equal 4th James Barton - Flinders Christian College
6th Freya Dawe - Flinders Christian College


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The Corriedale was simultaneously evolved in both Australia and New Zealand about 1874 by selectively breeding from cross bred progeny of pure Merino and Lincoln sheep.

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