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Royal Geelong Show Junior Judging Results 2013

Junior Judging was well supported on Saturday morning 8.30 start! Approx seventy students registered to judge as a Senior or 13 years and under. The seniors compete in the Englewood Park Competition (Thankyou to Geoff Oliver for his support,) whilst the Juniors enter in the Corriedale Competition.

Heather Stoney (Elligerin) & Barry Shaulders were the overall Judges and we thank them very much for their time and interest in this class. Geoff Sutton sadly had to return home due to the bushfires in N.S.W. approaching his home but we thank him for his enthusiasm for this event.

Grace Calder and Steph Roefs former students of Woodleigh School and Chairo Christian College were the judges for the way the students handled the sheep. Thankyou to Charlie Clarke, Jim Venters, Bron Ellis and the many helpers from the schools who make this event possible.


Results of as follows:
1st.Tiana McAsey Tintern
2nd. Jemma Sanderson EMC
3rd. Gabrielle Wardrop Woodleigh
4th. Tess Runting Woodleigh
Equal 5th.
Kaya Grocott Woodleigh
Connor-Rose Mdgley Bendigo CC
1st. Isabella Patrick Flinders
2nd. Maya Watt Tintern
3rd. Eloise Van Moorsel  EMC
4th. Tara McAsey Tintern
Equal 5th.
Lily Erasmus Flinders
Elloise Baxendale Flinders


Results of as follows:

1st.Tiana McAsey, Tintern
2nd. Jemma Sanderson, EMC
3rd. Gabrielle Wardrop, Woodleigh
4th. Tess Runting, Woodleigh
Equal 5th.
Kaya Grocott , Woodleigh
Connor-Rose Mdgley, Bendigo CC

1st. Isabella Patrick, Flinders
2nd. Maya Watt , Tintern
3rd. Eloise Van Moorse, EMC
4th. Tara McAsey, Tintern
Equal 5th.
Lily Erasmus, Flinders
Elloise Baxendale, Flinders



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