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2013 Junior Judging Bendigo ASBA

Finalists 16 years and over

Jane Gaussen

Will McLean

Matt Pearson  Ballarat Grammar

Kaylen Walker  EMC

Rachael Crook

Laura Seymour

John Cox EMC

Alley Hodgson

Chris Shaffer


Finalists 14-15 years

Tess Runing   Woodleigh

Phoebe Wilson

Megahn Lloyd   Tintern

Max Booth YAHS

Taya Wadelton   MAHS

Ned Beasley

Lucy Osman     Tintern

Maddie Close   MAHS

Tom Burns


Finalists 13 years and under

Maddie Jones  Tintern

Daisy McMillan Tintern

Tom Joseph

Maya Watt  Tintern

Sienna Gerian

Louise Smith

Issac Lush Investigator

Tara Mc Casey

Brook Goldfinch


About the Breed

The Corriedale was simultaneously evolved in both Australia and New Zealand about 1874 by selectively breeding from cross bred progeny of pure Merino and Lincoln sheep.

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