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2012 Landmark NSW Sheep Show Dubbo: Feature Breed Corriedale

(Courtesy – Rick Hoolihan)

What can I say other than 73 Corriedales, supreme interbreed long wool ewe and group, champion schools exhibit, and grand champion carcase of the show (Corriedale-Dorset X) exhibited by Tattykeel. This year’s Landmark NSW Sheep Show in May was the biggest show since the Albury Sheep Show in 1984; it just seems to get bigger and better each year! Billigaboo showed at Dubbo for the first time, which proved to be a good decision as they met with amazing success, winning supreme ewe and ram and group of three. The ewe and the group went on to win interbreed long wool ewe and group.

The standard of all the sheep is getting better each year. With 73 Corriedales being exhibited, the goal of 100 sheep at Dubbo is getting closer. There are expectations of the entire sheep show being over 1000 sheep in 2013, so exposure from the show should be good for the Corriedale breed. It would be interesting to see if any interstate studs might consider attending next year. Studs that attended Dubbo were Badgally, Billigaboo, Cuttabaloo, Esbank, Merrigal, Roselea, Roseville, and Tymec.

The annual meeting for the NSW branch was held with good feedback. The annual dinner that followed was held at a new location, “The Matilda”, and was a great success with 40 people attending. Prizes were handed out and a lovely meal was had. Later on in the night we decided that Richard Carter should shout as he won all the prizes earlier in the day – a request to which he kindly obliged. The dinner is becoming a highlight of the Landmark NSW Sheep Show in Dubbo. We would encourage anyone who would like to come to please do so as you will have a great night.

Champion shorn ram - Roseville

Reserve champion shorn ram - Roseville

Champion woolly ram - Billigaboo

Reserve champion woolly ram - Roseville

Grand champion ram - Billigaboo

Champion novice ram - Tymec

Reserve champion novice ram - Merrigal

Champion shorn ewe - Roseville

Reserve champion shorn ewe -Badgally

Champion woolly ewe - Billigaboo

Reserve champion woolly ewe - Billigaboo

Novice champion woolly ewe - Tymec

Novice reserve champion ewe - Cuttabaloo

Grand champion Corriedale ewe - Billigaboo

Grand champion Corriedale ram - Billigaboo

Supreme Corriedale exhibit - Billigaboo (woolly ewe)

Group one ram & two ewes (milk tooth) - Billigaboo

Interbreed long wool ewe - Billigaboo

Interbreed long wool group - Billigaboo


About the Breed

The Corriedale was simultaneously evolved in both Australia and New Zealand about 1874 by selectively breeding from cross bred progeny of pure Merino and Lincoln sheep.

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