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2012 Campbell Town Show

A good showing of Corriedales at Campbell Town was judged by Milton Savage, with Noel Littlejohn as steward. Stuart Burbury's newly registered Leamington stud made a very impressive debut in the show ring with a team of well bred, well presented March shorn hoggets. Awards in the senior ram classes were evenly distributed between Blackwood, Quamby Plains and Streanshalh.

Ram under 1˝ - Blackwood 1 and 2, Leamington 3

Ram under 2˝, over 1˝ - Streanshalh 1 and reserve champion, Quamby Plains 2, Blackwood 3

Pen of two rams over 1˝ - Quamby Plains 1 and champion

Ram over 2˝ - Blackwood 1, Streanshalh 2, Quamby Plains 3

Ram under 1 ˝, March shorn - Blackwood 1 and 3, Leamington 2

Ewe over 1˝, unprotected - Streanshalh 1 and reserve champion, 2

Ewe over 2˝ - Streanshalh 1 and champion, 2

Best Head on a Corriedale Ram - Streanshalh

Best three sheep, progeny of one sire - Leamington

Ram with best sire's fleece - Blackwood

Fleece Awards:

Corriedale Ram - Streanshalh 1 and champion Corriedale fleece

Corriedale Ewe - Leamington

Group of three Corriedale fleeces - Streanshalh

Judge’s Comments:

(Courtesy – Milton Savage)

It was pleasing to see the quality of the rams when they came out for the championship. There was a three year old ram from Blackwood that had a magnificent fleece that had lasted the test of time, with a good head, frame and constitution.

The Streanshalh ram which placed second in the three year old class was very impressive, with a good fleece, head, and a good frame which stood on four good black feet, but just didn’t have the preparation. With regard to the championship, the reserve champion went to Streanshalh, a two year old ram that had a nice fleece, good head and frame, and once again had black feet that stood in the right places, but preparation was lacking again.

The champion ram was an older two tooth ram exhibited by Quamby Plains. The sheep had a good frame and head, and an excellent heavy cutting lustrous fleece. I feel that he was unlucky not to win the champion interbreed, as he was structurally more correct, and a better and more even fleece than the Merino.

Blackwood’s junior champion ram was a very good sheep but did not have what it took to defeat the senior champion.

Streanshalh exhibited the champion and reserve champion ewes, from sheep that were straight out of the paddock, and still very good representatives of the breed.


About the Breed

The Corriedale was simultaneously evolved in both Australia and New Zealand about 1874 by selectively breeding from cross bred progeny of pure Merino and Lincoln sheep.

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