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2006 ‘Mooralea’ Ram Sale

Noel and Pam Price of Macarthur in the Western District conducted their Third Annual Dual Purpose Corriedale Ram Sale on Wednesday the 4th of October, 2006. The day was unusually hot, for the time of year, with a north wind and all those in attendance were looking hopefully to the skies for not only temporary relief, but relief to the season.The Mooralea rams, which were March shorn, were presented in excellent condition.  Large framed and open faced and with the well nourished, crimpy wool we have come to expect of the Mooralea sheep.  Sires of these rams included homebred rams as well as Loddon Park and Corriedale Hills West rams.

12 buyers registered before the Helmsman system sale began.  There were also spectators, including other Corriedale Stud breeders in attendance.  After the sale was complete, 10 buyers had purchased a total of 26 rams from the 35 offered.

Lot numbers 1 & 2 both reached the top price of $550.00, Lot 1 selling to N. Richardson and Lot 2 to Ian Button of Hamilton.

Volume buyers were I.A. Grey, buying five rams to a top of $500.00, and Alan Edwards of Woodhouse buying four rams to a top of $400.00.

Sale Summary:

35 Rams offered – 26 sold to 10 buyers.
Top of $550.00 twice with an average of $430.00.




About the Breed

The Corriedale was simultaneously evolved in both Australia and New Zealand about 1874 by selectively breeding from cross bred progeny of pure Merino and Lincoln sheep.

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