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Royal Perth Show

2005 [See Below]      |


Exhibitors - Corralyn, Inlet Views, Shade Park
Judge - Mr Walter Pederick

Grand Champion Corriedale: Corralyn  
Champion Corriedale Ram: Corralyn  RAS
Reserve Champion Corriedale Ram: Inlet Views RAS
Champion Corriedale Ewe: Corralyn  
Reserve Champion Corriedale Ewe: Corralyn

 Results      Winner  Sponsor   
 Ram lamb, over 35Kg and scanned   Corralyn  Farm Weekly
 Ram, under 1 ½     Corralyn
 Ram, over 1 ½ and under 2 ½   Inlet Views
 Ram, over 2 ½     Corralyn
 Ram, shorn     Inlet Views Farm Weekly
 Ram, novice breeder    Shade Park Farm Weekly
 Pair of rams     Corralyn  Shade Park
 Ram with the best head    Corralyn  Corralyn
 Ewe lamb, over 35Kg and scanned   Shade Park
 Ewe, under 1 ½ production class   Corralyn (1,2&3) Farm Weekly
 Ewe, under 1 ½      Corralyn  Corralyn
 Ewe, over 1 ½ and under 2 ½    Corralyn
 Ewe, over 2 ½ with lamb at foot   Inlet Views
 Ewe, shorn     Corralyn
 Ewe, novice breeder    Shade Park
 Pair of ewes     Corralyn  
 Group – ram and two ewes   Corralyn  Rob & Lyn Uppill
 Group – team of four    Corralyn  ACAWA & Farm Weekly
 Group – three rams    Inlet Views Farm Weekly
 Exhibitor Gaining Most Points    Corralyn 
 Exhibitors Inlet Views
 1 ram fleece     Inlet Views
 1 ewe or wether fleece    Inlet Views
 Champion Corriedale Fleece   Inlet Views



About the Breed

The Corriedale was simultaneously evolved in both Australia and New Zealand about 1874 by selectively breeding from cross bred progeny of pure Merino and Lincoln sheep.

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