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Hamilton & Western District Sheep Show (Sheepvention) Results
Ram Judge: Mr. Patrick Secker MP Federal Member for Barker S.A.
Ewe Judge: Mr. Geof Risbey
Lamb Plan and Measurment: Mr. Rick Foster

Supreme Champion Corriedale Ram:
Wahroonga Trophy donated by the late Mr. K. Moreton and Mrs. M Moreton

Awarded to: Liberton

(Photo courtesy Wayne Jenkins: Supreme Corriedale Ram and Senior Champion Corriedale Ram at Hamilton Sheep and Wool Show Sheepvention 2005 Awarded to Liberton Victoria)

Senior Champion Corriedale Ram
Banemore Trophy donated by DD & JM Jenkin
Awarded to: Liberton
Reserve Senior Corriedale Ram
Awarded to: Loddon Park

Junior Champion Corriedale Ram
Kinvonvie Trophy donated by M.J. Stewart
Awarded to: Loddon Park
Reserve Junior Champion Corriedale Ram
Awarded to: Liberton

Champion Corriedale March Shorn Ram
Haven Park Trophy donated by G & S Foster
Awarded to: Loddon Park

Champion Unhoused Corriedale Ram
Burnbrae Trophy donated by Burnbrae Corriedale Stud
Awarded to: Coora Partnership
Reserve Unhoused Corriedale

Awarded to: Wye

Champion Corriedale Shorn Ram Trophy
Awarded to: Loddon Park
Reserve Champion Corriedale Shorn Ram

Awarded to: Gambier View

Special Production Class

Awarded to:Coora Partnership

Supreme Champion Corriedale Ewe
Hutton Partnership Trophy donated by the Hutton Partnership

Awarded to: Gambier View

Senior Champion Corriedale Ewe
Ardonachie Trophy
Awarded to: Gambier View
Reserve Senior Champion Corriedale Ewe
Awarded to: Gambier View

Junior Champion Corriedale Ewe
Sash donated by Banemore
Awarded to: Wye
Reserve Junior Champion Ewe

Awarded to: Loddon Park

Champion Corriedale March Shorn Ewe
Haven Park Trophy donated by G & S Foster
Awarded to: Loddon Park

Champion Unhoused Corriedale Ewe
Torbank Trophy donated by D.C. McCulloch
Awarded to: Wye
Reserve Champion Unhoused Corriedale Ewe
Awarded to: Wye

Most Successful Exhibitor-Corriedale-Unhoused Classes

Awarded to:Wye

Champion Corriedale Shorn Ewe
Awarded to: Gambier View
Reserve Champion Corriedale Shorn Ewe
Awarded to: Liberton

Best Corriedale Group

Awarded to - Gambier View

Most Successful Corriedale Exhibitor

Awarded to: Loddon Park


About the Breed

The Corriedale was simultaneously evolved in both Australia and New Zealand about 1874 by selectively breeding from cross bred progeny of pure Merino and Lincoln sheep.

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