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Royal Geelong Show Result Index

2004 Results

Judge: Mr. Geoff Risbey Stanbury Corriedales


Supreme Champion: Liberton

Champion Ram:  Liberton

Reserve Champion Ram: Liberton

Champion Ewe: Loddon Park

Reserve Champion Ewe: Loddon Park

Champion Lamb: Elizabeth Murdoch College

Champion Corriedale Fleece: Liberton

ANZ Champion Fleece of the Show: Liberton

Most Successful Exhibitor: Loddon Park


Ram over 1/1/2 in the wool:
1st.Croydon   2nd Loddon Park

Ram over 1 in the wool:
1st Loddon Park   2nd Croydon

Ram under 1 in the wool:
1st Liberton   2nd Sweetfield   3rd Loddon Park

Ram under 1 years:
1st Liberton   2nd Liberton   3rd  Croydon

Ewe over 1 1 /2 in the wool:
1st. Loddon Park   2nd Elizabeth Murdoch College    3rd Sweetfield

Ewe over 1
1st. Loddon Park   2nd Liberton   3rd Liberton

Ewe under 1 years in the wool:
1st.Loddon Park   2nd Sweetfield  3rd. Loddon Park

Ewe under 1 years:
1st. Loddon Park   2nd Liberton   3rd Liberton

Pair of Ewes under 1 years:
Loddon Park

Ram Lamb dropped after April 1st:
1st Sweetfield   2nd Loddon Park   3rd  Elizabeth Murdoch College

Ewe Lamb dropped after the 1st of April:
1st Elizabeth Murdoch College    2nd Sweetfield  3rd  Sweetfield

Group of 1 ram and 2 ewes under 1 :
1st Liberton    2nd Loddon Park   3rd  Sweetfield


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