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ACA Fees

Item$ (EX GST)

Full member Joining Fee - For new member (plus current full subscription with Registered flock). 40.00
Member Without Flock Membership 66.00
Associate Member. 30.00
Junior Member Without Flock (under 21)Subscription 15.00
Subscription per Registered Flock fee 142.00
Subscription per Flock fee (Schools) 71.00
Subscription per Ewe fee 0.67
Ewe Transfer fee minimum 10.00
Ewe Transfer fee per ewe 1.00
Prefix alteration fee 20.00
Compulsory Levy per flock rams sold 6.00
Embryo Transfer fee 1.00
Individual Stud Ewe registration fee (per ewe) 1.00
South Australia Region levy - per flock 40.00
Victorian Region levy - per flock 40.00
Western Australia Region levy - per flock 40.00
Show members website on ACA site per year fee 0.00
Semen advertising (Members) (per Ram per year) 0.00
Export Stud Ewe transfer per ewe fee 1.00
Export Semen transfer fee per ram 10.00
Export Stud ram transfer fee 10.00
Ram Transfer fee (per ram) 10.00
Individual Stud Ram registration fee (per ram) 0.00
Ram Service per ram fee 10.00
Semen Transfer Fee - applied to each semen package sold per stud ram and members using New Zealand ram semen 10.00
Inspection per sheep fee 0.30
Inspection per kilometre one way fee 0.20
Semen advertising (per Ram per year) 15.00
Inspection Charge per half day per inspector plus travelling costs plus Gst 100.00
Late Flock Return Fee after 1st July 10.00
Late Flock Return fee after 31st July 20.00



About the Breed

The Corriedale was simultaneously evolved in both Australia and New Zealand about 1874 by selectively breeding from cross bred progeny of pure Merino and Lincoln sheep.

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