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Young Sires Program - February 2007

At a gathering of Lambplan users at the Social day held at Tony and Jan Hunt's property “Bimbadeen”, a decision was made to run a Young Sires Program for the Corriedale breed.

A Young Sires Program will allow the most productive genes to be used in a greater number of flocks without excessive expense to the user. It will also very quickly make Lambplan accuracies a lot higher because of the better links between flocks.

With the results of the Across Tasman Analysis due to be announced at the World Corriedale Conference at Christ Church in late March, the Young Sires Program is timed to make the best use of them.

Breeders will nominate their best young rams from the top one hundred of the Australian Lambplan list. They will then be inspected by 2 inspectors before a vote is taken to select the appropriate sires to be collected.


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