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Junior Judging Bendigo ASBA Sunday 16th July 2017

Sunday morning began early in the Corriedale arena at Bendigo ASBA to prepare for the many students who register for this event. There are three sections. 13 years and under, 14 years -15 years and 16 years and over. Congratulations to Charlie Clark and Daniel Mosele for their initiative and enthusiasm in creating an electronic scoring system that has streamlined the Judging results. Many thanks go to Bruce Hamblin for his constant reliability in all areas of this competition. Thankyou to Jim Venters on Microphone for keeping everyone on task. Thankyou to all judges as follows: Daryl MacDonald & Di Jenke - Seniors with Scorers- Grace Calder & Jo Lush. Chris Kemp & Georgia Pengilley - 14 years to 15 years with Scorers - Amanda Kemp & Emily Attard. Richard Archer & Rick Hoolihan - 13 years and under with Scorers - Milton Savage & Kate Methven. Thankyou to Judith Nicolson and Di Mackinnon who scored all sections speaking over the Microphone. Thankyou to all teachers from competing schools who responded so quickly and e-mailed the students entries and also gave their assistance whenever called upon. Our sincere thanks to everyone.

Congratulations to Kate Methven for her foresight, ingenuity and hard work to seek assistance through Corriedale Youth and approach AWI (Australian Wool Innovation) to assist with the beautiful inscribed broad ribbons given to the successful prize winners. Well done Kate and thankyou from all Corriedale members.

Congratulations to all students who moved quickly when called and returned clipboards and numbers after use. The Judging ran very smoothly and as always was a vibrant event.

The results are as follows:

Over 16 year old:

1st Tess Runting Morella

2nd Ella McCarthy Ovella Park

3rd Kate Methven Melbourne University

4th Tegan Ward Tegrhon

5th Maya Watt Tintern

6th Kaya Grocott Ovelle Park

7th Page Marshall Tintern

Equal 8th Trent Oates Salesian, Amy Taylor Tintern

14-15 year old:

1st Kasey Shields Flinders CCC

2nd Josiah Hampston Chairo CC

3rd Olivia Cross Tintern

4th Bree Baker Elisabeth Murdoch

5th Emily Humphrey Elisabeth Murdoch

Equal 6th Erin Douglas-O'Loughlin Ovella, Cooper Scott Ovella

Equal 8th Ashlea Cross Tintern, Billy Rowe Bilcor, Lucy Cook Elisabeth Murdoch

Equal 11th Megan Lush Keith Area School, Amy Dunn Elisabeth Murdoch

13 years and under:

1st Isaac Lush Investigator College

2nd Isaobel Pengilley LCGS

3rd Manty Buchanan Woodleigh School

4th Lulu Harvey Woodleigh School

5th Braiden Miller Elisabeth Murdoch

6th Zoe Lush Investigator College

Equal 7th Gabrielle Hughes Elisabeth Murdoch, Bryanna Baker Elisabeth Murdoch





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