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Corriedale Junior Judging Bendigo ASBA Sunday July 17th 2016

A warm welcome was given to the visiting Student Ambassador, Lucy Burrows from New Zealand. In the ten days that Lucy was in Australia she visited several Corriedale studs and was eager to assist in farm activities and interact with families. It was a delight to be in her company. Congratulations to teachers and students from all participating schools for their support with entries previous to Sunday’s Junior Judging competition. A big thankyou to Bruce Hamblin who gives constant support, direction  and encouragement in all areas of this competition and throughout the show. Many thanks to Jim Venters for the excellent manner in which he uses the microphone to keep the judging competition moving to time; to our dedicated recording team- Charlie Clark Vic, Jo Lush SA and Di Jenke SA; to our Over Judges Graham Jenke SA, Rick Hoolihan NSW, Georgina Pengilley Tas; to Handling Judges Jim Samma Argentina, Daniel Mosele,and Ronelle Welton; to Di MacKinnon for listening to the finalists as they reinforced their reasons for placing their sheep whilst speaking over the microphone and to every student who participated in the Bendigo 2016 Junior Judging.

School judging at the 2016 ASBA Show School judging at the 2016 ASBA Show
Junior judging at the 2016 ASBA Show

The results are as follows:

16 years and over

1st Lachlan Watkin - St Gregory's College
2nd Kate Methuen - Melbourne University
3rd Jacqui Parker - Elisabeth Murdoch College
4th Sidney Thomas - Ballarat Grammar
5th Eloise Van Moorsel - Elisabeth Murdoch College
6th Clara Davidson - Ballarat Grammar

14 years to 15 years

1st Kasey Shields - Flinders Christian College
2nd Bree Barker - Elisabeth Murdoch College
3rd Caley Hood
4th Billy Rowe - Chairo Christian College
5th Jaymee Hawker - Elisabeth Murdoch College
6th Teagan Skinner - Elisabeth Murdoch College

13 years and under

1st Erin Douglas-O’Loughlin - Woodleigh School
2nd Isla Shepherd - Flinder’s Christian College
3rd Alannah Thresher - Flinder’s Christian College
4th Kaitlyn Berry - Elisabeth Murdoch College
5th Gemma Bond - Woodleigh School
6th Isaac Lush - Investigator College
7th Zoe Lush - Investigator College
Equal 8th Lily Nott - Elisabeth Murdoch College
Equal 8th Lil Ockwell - Woodleigh School
Equal 8th Ted Shields - Flinders Christian College


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