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Corriedale Junior Judging Bendigo Sunday 20th July 2014


Corriedale Junior Judging ASBA Bendigo is one of the  highlights of the show. Organizied by the Australian Corriedale Society with Sponsorship from University of New England, students arrived promptly and judging began on time. 8.30 am is early but three sections were underway very quickly. Each participating student is presented with a UNE cap which looks most impressive and very professional.

Our thanks to our handling judges Di Jenke SA, Milton Savage Vic. and Grace Calder Vic. and to the Sheep Accessing Judges Di Rawlinson NZ, Graham Jenke SA and Robert Greives Vic, who patiently listened to each individual competitor. Jim Venters did a fantastic job with the microphone and Bruce Hamlin again a great organizer with the help of Amanda Conley, Jade and Charlie Clarke who were on computers. Thankyou to the teachers who give their time and support in many ways

Congratulations to all competitors and our grateful thanks to the University of New England for their sponsorship of this event.


Winners of the Senior Judging were as follows:

1st Daniel Mosele Melb Uni

2nd Shane Hall EMC

3rd Emma Skinner EMC

4th Bridget Leahy EMC

5th Sarah Williams Ballarat Grammar

6th Chevonne Willis Chairo


Winners 14 years to 15 years were as follows:

1st Tess Runting Woodleigh

2nd Gabby Wardrop Woodleigh

3rd Jack Kane Ballarat Grammar

4th Molly Cornish YANCO Ag

5th Sophie Paul Tintern Schools

5th Eliza Harvey Tintern Schools


Winners 13 years and under:

1st Elise Morgan EMC

2nd James Barton Flinders

3rd Jacob Skinner YANCO Ag

4th Emma Satherley Chairo

5th Jack Hudson Yanco Ag

Equal 6th Emily Smith EMC, Eva Mosele Woodleigh


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