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Results of the Junior Judging Categories held at the ASBA Bendigo July 2006.

13 years & under

1st   Grace Calder (Woodley School)
2nd  Mathew Hill (Horsham College)
3rd   Russell Oliver (   "           "    )
4th   Zoe Hazendonk (Elisabeth Murdoch)
5th   Lauren McDermott (   "          "     )
6th   Frasia Millot ( ? )
7th   Felicity Kemp (Horsham College)
8th   Ben Pritchet (Elisabeth Murdoch)
9th   Michael Curtis (Tintern)
10th Fiona Pearson (Tintern)

Total no. of competitors = 30

14-15 years                                                                                         

1st   Kate Waller (Tintern)
2nd  Will Luff (St Gregorys)
3rd   Bianca Stockley (Tintern)
4th   Alysce Maclaren (Tintern)
5th   Nathan Turner (Elisabeth Murdoch)
6th   Christopher Bowler (Billabong)
7th   Kim Jones (Billabong)
8th   Cat Rushton (Tintern)
9th   Amy Turton (Tintern)
10th Laura Exell (Horsham College)

Total no. of competitors = 24

16 years & over

1st   Dominic Kennedy (St Gregorys)
2nd  Jen Morris (Tintern)
3rd   Katherine Bowler (Billabong)
4th   Jo Newton (Tintern)
5th   Ethel Oliver (Horsham College)

Total no. of competitors = 13

Congratulations to all competitiors. A great time had by all.

Thankyou to Bruce and Julie Hamblin and their team.


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