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Free Stud Web Sites

All Corriedale Association members have a free 'webpage' for their stud on this site that can be accessed from the "Stud Sites" link on the left. Initially this page shows basic details about the stud drawn from the Corriedale Association database. Stud owners can if they wish add additional information and images above this database information. Whilst this is limited to a single page, any amount of text and images can be added [see Free website setup]. If any of the database information is incorrect please notify the secretary.

Corriedale Sub Domain Web Sites

If members want a more advanced and detailed site (with a more friendly address), studs can have a web site (sub domain) named for a once off fee of $38.50* incl GST. This can either be a complete website and include many pages, or be a link to an external existing website such as [see Apply for a Corriedale Sub Domain website or external link]

*These fees (which go to the association to help offset the web site maintenance costs) only include the annual "hosting" fees associated with your site or link. The costs for the production of the "content" for your web pages may be additional [see Website SubDomain Setup].

Note that members sites or pages  attached to the domain can only advertise Corriedales and only display Corriedale sheep in any photos used. The Australian Corriedale Association Inc reserves the right to accept or reject any web site submitted to be attached to the domain. It is the responsibility of members, advertisers or advertising agency concerned to ensure that the advertising complies with the provisions of the Trade Practices Act 1974 relating to advertising.


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