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Stud email Addresses

Your stud can have an email address named or for a once only fee of $22 incl gst. To apply fill in the form below.

Setup Instructions

Once you have completed the form below, we will confirmed the application, and send you some simple instructions as to how to set up your new email address, by sending you an email to your existing email address.

Corriedale Email Address Application form

Name and address details




Existing Email

We need your existing email address so that we can notify you when your new address is ready and to send you installation instructions.
Note that your existing email address will not change, although you may choose not to use it any more.


Flock Number


Requested Email address


Password you want to use to access this address

Payment Details


Credit Card Type

Visa, Bankcard, Mastercard, American Express
Note if you want to pay by cheque, do not "SUBMIT" this form but print it out and mail a
cheque payable to Pagination Design Services to PO Box 7160 Geelong West 3218




Card Number


Name on Card



Please note all that requests for email addresses are handled on behalf of the Association by Pagination Design Services (03 5223 2494)


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